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I really enjoyed Alice Munro’s use of descriptive detail to illustrate the scene. She went beyond, including minute details that enhanced the story. For instance, “Her arms are heavy, and every bit of her skin you can see is covered with little dark freckles like measles. Her hair is short, black, coarse, and curly.” (13) Nora’s appearance is described in such detail you could almost capture an image of her as if looking at a photograph. The way Munro used this detail made me feel, as a reader, like I was shadowing the events happening in the story.

One Response to “Week One Blog Post: “Walker Brother’s Cowboy” Munro”

  1. Courtney: You need to be more ambitious, more detailed in your posts. Write about the stories we read from the perspective of a writer. What choices has the author made in regard to point-of-view, setting, plot, character development? What passages — and why — are particularly beautiful or subtle or convincing? (You do this a bit here in this post.) What leaps in time or setting or perspective does the writer make in the story? Your goal is to try to identify the elements of the craft that the writer has employed in order to make her story persuasive or moving or disturbing or beautiful.