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Sensual Escape

I carefully slipped on the black ultra-sheer nylons, gently caressing my freshly shaved skin, my hands approaching my thigh. I had done this many times, and now it almost seemed the process was automatic as I did not hesitate to repeat the same steps with my left leg. I effortlessly browsed the costume rack, sliding each metal hanger from left to right, slightly lifting it from the rod to prevent the annoying scraping sound of metal against metal. I pretended to be browsing for an outfit for the ball. While looking, I thought about how to do my hair, down and curly, or pulled off to the side. Such a waste, all the time spent in getting ready, just for it to be short lived and a mess by the end of it all. I really had no choice at all. I had to wear the red costume with silver trim along the corset. Red was not my preferred color, but it was assigned to me.

I sucked my tummy in to get the corset to slide smoothly from my legs to my torso, the only way I could get it on. All the other girls were able to pull it down over their head. Skinny bitches. I was never really one for using make-up, but it helped me get into better character. I was not the mother who grocery shopped for her three kids, or the woman who sat at a table for eight hours having five minute conversations with countless men, one tone of a bell signaling when it was time to switch. No, I was neither of those women. With this costume and make-up, I became the woman of every man’s fantasy, and this was the place where I made such fantasies a momentary reality.

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