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For my literary theory class this semester, we read “Reading in Slow Motion” by Reuben Brower. In it, he says that to encourage life long readers, reading must be fun. So, it’s the last night of exams and while all of my friends are anxious, frustrated, and exhausted with their essays and sit-downs, I’m happy. What I have to do in order to complete my junior year is finish editing a story, and that doesn’t sound like torture to me. This is what made me pick my major. While all of my friends moan and complain about having 50 pages of reading for this class, and this lame paper for another class for homework, I always chuckle. I get to read stories, and write stories. I get to use my imagination and explore the world from different perspectives, see different places, understand different life conditions… without ever leaving my seat. Every reading is a journey. Every story I write is fun. It isn’t always easy, and there’s often a lot of work, but if it’s enjoyable work, is it even really work at all?

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