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Thursday, Jan. 23

2013-11-30 17.14.33 copy

Tuesday, January 28
Munro, “Walker Brothers Cowboy”
Strout, “Pharmacy”

Thursday, Jan. 30
Munro, “Dance of the Happy Shades”
Okparanta, “On Ohaeto Street”

Tuesday, Feb. 4
Munro, “Postcard”
Strout, “Incoming Tide”

Thursday, Feb. 6
Munro, “Images”
Okparanta, “Wahala!”

Tuesday, Feb. 11
Munro, “Something I’ve Been Meaning to Tell You”
Strout, “The Piano Player”

Thursday, February 13
Munro, “The Ottawa Valley”
Okparanta, “Fairness”

Tuesday, Feb. 18
Munro, “Material”
Strout, “A Little Burst”

Wednesday, February 19
Reading by U.S. Poet Laureate Natasha Trethewey
8:00 p.m. Murchison Lane Auditorium

Thursday, Feb. 20
Munro, “Royal Beatings”
Okparanta, “Story, Story!”

Tuesday, Feb. 25
Munro, “Wild Swans”
Strout, “Starving”

Thursday, Feb. 27
Munro, “The Beggar Maid”
Okparanta, “Runs Girl”

2013-11-18 16.50.46

Tuesday, March 4
Munro, “Simon’s Luck”
Strout, “A Different Road”

Thursday, March 6
Munro, “Chaddeleys and Flemings”
Okparanta, “America”

Tuesday, March 11

Thursday, March 13

Tuesday, March 18
Munro, “Dulse”
Strout, “Winter Concert”

Thursday, March 20
Munro, “The Turkey Season”
Okparanta, “Shelter”

Tuesday, March 25
Munro, “Labor Day Dinner”
Strout, “Tulips”
STORIES DUE: Khirsten, Courtney

Thursday, March 28
Munro, “The Moons of Jupiter”
Okparanta, “Grace”

STORIES DUE: Lily, Savanna, Jenny

2013-11-30 16.59.48

Tuesday, April 1
Munro, “The Progress of Love”
Strout, “Basket of Trips”

STORIES DUE: Cassie, Sloane

Thursday, April 3
Munro, “Lichen”
Okparanta, “Designs”

STORIES DUE: Tatyana, Linda

Sweet Briar Undergraduate Creative Writing Conference

Thursday, April 3: Tess Taylor
Saturday, April 5: Will Schutt

Tuesday, April 8
Munro, “Miles City, Montana”
Strout, “Ship in a Bottle”

Thursday, April 10
NOTE: We will workshop stories by Cassie, Sloane, and Tatyana
Munro, “White Dump”
Okparanta, “Tumours and Butterflies”

STORIES DUE: Angela, Rebekah

Tuesday, April 15
NOTE: We will workshop stories by Linda, Angela, and Rebekah

Munro, “Fits”
Strout, “Security”

STORIES DUE: Angel, Amber

Thursday, April 17
NOTE: We will workshop stories by Amber and Angel

Munro, “Friend of My Youth”
STORIES DUE: Khirsten, Courtney

Tuesday, April 22
Munro, “Menesteung”
Strout, “Criminal”

STORIES DUE: Savanna, Lily

Thursday, April 24
Munro, “Differently”
STORIES DUE: Cassie, Sloane, Jenny

Tuesday, April 29
Munro, “Carried Away”
Strout, “River”

STORIES DUE: Rebekah, Tatyana, Linda

2013-11-30 16.51.41

Thursday, May 1
Munro, “The Albanian Virgin”
STORIES DUE: Angel, Angela, Amber

Tuesday, May 6
Munro, “A Wilderness Station”
Munro, “Vandals”


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